You Bleed Just To Know You're Alive

"I've seen you laugh at nothing at all. I've seen you sadly weeping. The sweetest thing I've ever saw; was you asleep and dreaming."
Here’s To Us, Here’s To Love [Ollie&Jude]

Ollie had been up since early today, getting everything ready and perfect for tonight’s date with Jude, he will finally ask him if he wanted to be his boyfriend and he couldn’t be anymore excited about it, he took a quick shower to clear his head and put all the thoughts in order so it won’t turn out less than he had expected it, putting on some white shorts and a loose black tank he adjusted his curls with a headband so they won’t fall on his forehead. First of all he made sure Jude was asleep so he won’t see him getting anything ready, though he wouldn’t do anything inside of the room, everything would be left from the outside of the door and to the rooftops, he had come to an arrangement with the janitors and the celator so they would keep the lights of the building off as soon as he got everything ready because he’ll paste glow in the dark stars on the walls which he’ll remove later, he had sparkled the hallways floors with averaged sized golden and silver stars to make a trail out of them and he had put small colorful butterflies on the walls so he would follow them, after 10 butterflies there was the eleventh one with a note with instructions on it, they were very simple to understand. The first one read; “Just follow the path to see where it takes you.”

As for the rooftops, he did the same, just without the butterflies but the small trail of stars lead to a table with candles on the middle and for the dinner he had gotten lasagna, he also had this box with a small ruby made heart pendant that he will give Jude later on that night, he had heard that there will be a shooting star rain tonight so he wanted to impress the boy with the pretty eyes when they were putside, he truly believed those bright blue eyes were like them, small but extremely beautiful shooting stars. It had taken all day for Ollie to actually have it done and finished until he was finally okay with everything he came back to the room and took another shower because he was honestly gross after being all day setting the surprise; he now got dressed with a navy blue dress shirt, black super skinny jeans and navy blue converse, his curls were a mess but he knew Jude liked them just like that; he sprayed some cologne and finally gathered the courage to ask him out. 

After a few hours he received a bouquet of 100 red roses, 99 real and 1 fake, he wanted to promise him that he will stop loving when the fake rose died. settling them next to their dinner table he waited for the sunset to start, knowing that the shooting star rain will start at around 8:00 pm, finally everything was ready so he decided to text Jude. “Follow the stars, they will guide you were you want to go. Meet me on the rooftops of our dorms building at 7:55 pm-Ollie. xx” and pressed “send”, he also had practiced the song “Yellow” by Coldplay on violin and singing it also, he really was a bit OCD with the things he wanted and right now, he’ll just wait for Jude to be ready and up to start playing and singing as soon as he stepped in the place he’d be waiting for him.